About the Art of Júlia Vécsei

Júlia Vécsei has been working with various types of media. But her interests first turned to new media, more exactly computer-based flash-video. Vécsei’s work in the early 2000’s often responded to everyday topics of urban life. Closely combined works of her are the Juligraph an online flash project, where you can rearrange the surroundings of the artist like you were playing with a dollhouse. Júlia Vécsei’s video and computer-based animations used to respond to the phenomenon of globalism, fondly using maps, and economical terminology together with random-generated situations. One of her first solo-shows wore the name „Capitalisation” reproducating a map of Budapest (the hungarian capital) with the typography of the word „capitalisation” itself.
Her video-animation and affinity to drawing escalates and combines in the work entitled „with the same scale” created in 2008. The artist draws exact maps of european states from the same amount of graphite dust and blows them away, as an allegory of unity and borderlessness.
Vécsei has been recently busy with the techniques of aquarelle and drawing as well. Her works – finely positioned between the registers of the sensual and of the concept – are articulating very personal and intimate stories, with a great affinity to combine aphorisme-like text in the manner of visual representation of zen-buddhism. The black and white drawings and the bit more colorfull aquarelles contain the minimal visual inputs what this kind of paper-based conceptualism needs. The works are not that humorous like what would be usual for her generation dealing with the same techniques, but because of this are tending to be more precise.
She’s combining aquarelles with different forms of installation art in her work „It has been cut somewhere” where she recycled an intimate story into a horror-installation. Her neighbour cut the tree which was planted at her birth in order to have a bigger panorama. She took this private experience and transformed it to an allegory of rootlessness, exhibiting bleeding pieces of a tree cast out of elastic silicon.
Júlia Vécsei since 2007 published 9 issues of her independent limited edition fanzine called „drawing paper” which is dedicated to drawing. The fanzines contain drawings of single artists or groups working together, without any text, thus enabling the zine to become an artwork itself without bearing the traces of journalism.

Áron Fenyvesi