About the Art of Gergő Szinyova

Having completed his art academy studies just a few years ago, Gergő Szinyova has developed an approach that is marked by a respect for classical predecessors and the exploitation of the potential tension generated by oppositions. Besides traditions, the young painter takes inspiration from numerous contemporary phenomena. Surfing the World Wide Web on a daily basis, he checks out the latest posts on his favourite photography, architecture, music, and design blogs, to collect inspiring sources in electronic folders. Over the course of his visual roaming, he has accumulated an archive of several thousand digital images and references. Surveying his collection of impressions, he analyses them from the emic (internal) and etic (non-participatory) perspectives that derive from cultural anthropological field work, integrating them into his own visual systems, while listening to electronic experimental music. Through the simultaneous application of the emic and the etic perspectives, the source images he analyses – be they references to the history of painting, architectural plans, sprayed graffiti or minimalist photos of objects – are made to transform into his own motifs in a way that often leaves the original elements and properties recognisable. Therefore the viewers have a feeling “as if” they had already met the elements emerging on the surfaces, in a different sense and context. Rather than belonging to the artist’s individual vocabulary of forms, this method of composition is a phenomenon extending to almost all the segments of the visual culture of our time. Using the chain of abstraction of “removal, filtering, integration”, Szinyova reflects on the current (crisis) situation of visual representation through its own set of notions.

Mónika Zsikla