The Body Electric examines the potency of memory embodied in gestures and habits in relation to ‘indirect’ modes of memory via inscribing, recording or documenting. Corporeal memory may be characterized as being an embodied memory and/or an embodied remembering. Embodied remembering situates memory as being intrinsic to the body because it re-enacts the past, it need not represent it. As such, the exhibition will consider motion, action, activity, and gesture of memory as it pertains to the flesh and surface of the body. Artists ALEXANDMUSHI, Daniela Baldelli & Émile Noteris, Mark Baugh-Sasaki, Takming Chuang, Yosh Han, Summer Mei-Ling Lee, Lan Liu, Little Warsaw, Patricia Reinhart, Gabriele Stötzer, Wong Kit Yi and Shadi Yousefian will present their various approaches and perspectives, ranging from mid-20th century to contemporary views, on how memory impacts the flesh.